Looking from inside out to truly understand the visual you are creating as you add power to your story.

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Bold can be minimalist or maximalist.

An ultra simple outfit or a very quiet interior with no colors and no elements can have a huge impact on our senses hence still can be very bold and expressive.

On the other hand, it can be a very loud interior with lots of colors, textures and other elements and an outfit with lots of layers and accessories can again kick off many conversations.

It is all about creating a story and exploring emotions. This is where the dynamics come into play. 


Dynamics are a way of communicating in music. There are four main dynamics;

piano, mezzo piano, mezzo forte and forte.

Same applies in interiors and fashion;

A dramatic change in volume and intensity will make all the difference.

The flatness and lifelessness will define its boredness. Loudness and softness will show its expression.

Depth, layers and strength will drive the emotional content.

Choosing your art or your cushion before your furniture can be very smart.

Choosing your scarf or earring before your outfit can also be a perfect start to a composition.


Because, details are important. They are the accents of the whole, they complete the masterpiece. They define the final theme and transfer the emotion or spirit you want to get across.

It is all about dynamics.

Bold minimalist

http://Cushnie et Ochs, Fall 2018

Bold maximalist

http://INKIOSTRO BIANCO http://architonic.com
http://Gioielli Artigianali

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