Looking from inside out to truly understand the visual you are creating as you add power to your story.

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Think differently.

When you change your mind, you change your whole life. It changes the energy around you. New attitude, new you.

Leave behind what doesn’t work and step into your power. Complete yourself with your individuality, crafting your outfits and your interiors as your means.

Add power to your story.

Your experiences, your thoughts and your emotions compose your story. You are the creative director of your imagination which takes you to new bold you. You speak your inner voice and you become your own biggest fan.

http://Lina Iris Viktor

Do you, for you.

Find your authentic code, your game changer attitude and apply. When we feel good, we make better judgments and our confidence level is higher. When we are in our element, we have a high energy level which is directly related to our bold factor.

We can’t have any hope for anyone or anything if we are not in our bold factor; strong, brilliant and confident where we own our individuality.

So do you, for you, because it all starts with us, each and every one of us.


Celebrate you.

Once you find your bold factor; the original and brilliant you, in expressing yourself with your outfits or your interiors, celebrate.

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